Why Run For Office?

Look at West Goleta. Do you want no open space and no views of the foothills and mountains from Hollister or the 101 any longer?  Do you want massive traffic stalls and no plan that anticipated the impacts of rampant development? Do you care if the tourism opportunities are undermined by a lack of planning foresight?  Does it bother you if there is no interest in controlling the burden of development on future water demands, so that permits are rushed through because a moratorium on development was imminent?

It does to me.

We can do better than what has gone on in the past 8 years in Goleta. We can get economic growth and commercial development without compromising the character of our neighborhoods.

Thirty or forty years ago, there used to be a saying in the area: “LA Go Home!” People even spray painted it onto the south sides of overpasses on the northbound lanes of 101.

It isn’t enough to say that one supports preserving Goleta’s character and way of life. What will I do if elected?

  • Is your priority, like the current council, to support more developments, burdening the schools and traffic, and ignoring the future water needs of these developments?
  • Or, is it to enhance our lives here by adding bike trails and pedestrian paths, and improving parks, recreation facilities, and libraries?
  • I am committed to preserving the environment, while supporting our businesses and building on those things that make Goleta special.

I need your support to help build the Goleta that we want for ourselves and our children Together we can make it happen.


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