Constituent Assistance

You should feel like you have an ally in city hall. We need people to believe that our role is to help. Not just to say no, not as an adversary, not to create red tape, but to solve problems and help make life here better. Government should work for you. I was an Eagle Scout and a Peace Corps volunteer. I believe in service to the community.

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  1. Hi Stuart, I think I recognize you from several goodland library meetings that I have been to. What can I do to get you as my Councilman???? I'm out of state at the moment, but would love to help somehow We need you at the wheel.
    • admin
      Hi Chris, Thanks. I appreciate it. I'd love to have your help. Let's stay in touch and we can talk when you get back home. Have a good trip. See you soon, Stuart
      • admin
        Hi Chris, I now have a website and facebook page: Visit me on Facebook at Thanks for your interest! Atuart
        • admin
          OK. Make that "Stuart" as opposed to "Atuart." A keyboard malfunction. Stuart

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