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ENDORSEMENTS (a partial list)

The Independent:

Democratic Party of Santa Barbara County:
Democratic Women of Santa Barbara County:
Friends and Neighbors of Goleta
Goodland Coalition:
Santa Barbara Women's Political Committee
Sierra Club:
Tri-Counties Council Central Labor Council

Hannah-Beth Jackson, California State Senate
Janet Wolf, Supervisor, Santa Barbara County
Paula Perotte, Council member
Margaret Connell, former Goleta Mayor and 2 term council member
Cynthia Brock, former Goleta council member
Ed Easton, former Goleta council member
Cecilia Brown, SB County Planning Commissioner
Marell Brooks, SB County Planning Commissioner
Julie Kessler Solomon former Goleta Planning Commissioner
Lauren Hanson, Goleta Water District
Rick Merrifield, Goleta Water District
Bill Rosen, Goleta Water District
Meg West, Goleta Water District
Susan Epstein, Goleta Union School District, Board President
Anne Linn, Parks and Recreation Commissioner
Monique Limon, Santa Barbara Unified School Board

Kitty Bednar
Bruce Bimber
Kathleen Bruhn, Department of Political Science, UCSB
Nansie Chapman
Heather Conolley
John Enrico Douglas
Andrea Haupt, Chair of Department of Political Science, Santa Barbara City College
Robert K. Miller, Chair of the Westside Goleta Coalition
Tom Modugno, Keep Goleta the Good Land
Phil Norvell
George Relles
Eric RAN Smith, Department of Political Science, UCSB
Brian Trautwein
Amber VanDerwarker, Chair of Department of Anthropology, UCSB
John Woolley, Department of Political Science, UCSB

Dinah Bear, former General Council of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality and Board of Defenders of Wildlife,
Maureen Kuwano Hinkle, former Director, Agricultural Policy, National Audubon Society,
Mark Kramer, Federal External Affairs at The Nature Conservancy
Jason Weller, Bethesda, MD

**Titles are for identification purposes and do not indicate endorsement of any organization. These endorsements reflect individual not institutional endorsements.